Re: “Ban College Sports”

The April 23 edition of The Monitor features an article by Evan Weinstein ’19 arguing that college sports should be banned, since they make life worse for athletes and non-athletes alike. I will attempt to respond to each of its arguments and defend college athletics.

Like 30 percent of our student body, I am a varsity athlete. As an athlete and a fan, I have come to appreciate the innumerable benefits that sports teams bring to our campus and campuses across the nation. Student athletes are privileged to take part in an extracurricular activity that forges deep bonds of friendship and trust, which last well beyond our college years. They have the opportunity to represent their school and engage in the kind of education that happens on a playing field. Non-athletes benefit as well, most obviously in the entertainment our sports provide. The hundreds of people banging on the glass of Sage Rink during the Citrus Bowl, and cheering on our men’s basketball team during a deep playoff run, should make clear that our students enjoy watching their peers deliver electric performances. These are but a few of the virtues and benefits of college sports.

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Reflections on an Economist’s Earth Day Lecture

On April 22 the Alexander Hamilton Institute hosted Dr. Mike Rizzo, a lecturer in economics at the University of Rochester and a senior fellow of the AHI, to discuss American environmental economics on what happened to be Earth Day. The event was part of the AHI continuing education course, “Science and Government.”

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