Ready for Hillary?

Now that Hillary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy, Americans must ask themselves an important question: What exactly is so great about Hillary Clinton? The media, Democrats, and college students all have a frightening infatuation with her. Amidst the recent e-mail scandal, much of the liberal media has already gone to extraordinary lengths to protect the presumed Democratic nominee. Despite their pretensions to diversity, liberals have failed to promote a politically or ethnically diversified field of candidates. They’ve elevated Clinton to celebrity status, but her resume is besmirched by scandal and outright incompetence.

In 1993 Bill Clinton appointed Hillary to lead a task force on national healthcare reform. The Clintons attempted to devise a political strategy to implement universal healthcare. Hillary’s 1,342-page health care bill, crafted behind closed doors, would have created a bureaucratic nightmare and cost the American taxpayer over $331 billion from 1994 to 2000. The Democrat-controlled Congress at the time refused to vote on the plan and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell killed the bill. Hillary’s big government tendencies as First Lady gave ammo to advocates of limited government and allowed for the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress. In addition to her futile attempts at legislating, Hillary was steeped in the ethically objectionable activity of her husband’s administration, including Whitewater, travelgate, and filegate.  

After Bill’s presidency the Clintons moved to New York, virtually guaranteeing Hillary her two terms in the U.S. Senate. In 2006, the FEC fined Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign $35,000 for failing to report over $720,000 in campaign contributions. During her time in the U.S. Senate, Hillary proved to be an ineffective lawmaker and initiated no groundbreaking legislation. 

Even liberals are not blind to Hillary’s politically mortifying Senate career. During the 2008 Democratic Primary, Obama supports attacked Hillary’s Senate record (or lack thereof), devastating her campaign. “[A]n inability to get legislation passed is just the beginning of Senator Clinton’s shallow record,” writes Adam Hanft of the Huffington Post. “For many of the bills she introduced, she couldn’t even get a cosponsor in her own party!” She did, however, vote in favor of the Iraq War.

At the beginning of her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary infamously stood alongside Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov holding a “reset” button to symbolize improved relations between the U.S. and Russia. Five years following this Russian “reset,” Russia annexed Crimea and now threatens NATO members with new territorial aspirations.

Conditions in the Middle East have deteriorated with the rise of ISIS, mass bloodshed in Syria, and Iran’s determination to acquire a nuclear weapon. Despite the “pivot” to Asia, tensions have escalated in the Asia-Pacific region. China has claimed an extraordinary amount of maritime territory belonging to loyal U.S. allies.

As Secretary of State, Hillary neither strengthened crucial U.S. alliances nor improved America’s image around the world. Hillary’s unimpressive time as Secretary of State was littered with controversies from Benghazi to her secret email account and hard drive, which she wiped clean in spite of a congressional subpoena.

Hillary’s track record should inspire new Democrats to challenge her monopoly over the Democratic base. During the 2008 Democratic Primary, Hillary initially led Obama by fifteen percentage points and still lost the nomination.  Any young, articulate, and charismatic Democrat would pose a legitimate threat to Hillary’s campaign. She has a lot of baggage and few accomplishments.