Clinton Revisionism

Let us start with an obvious fact: Bill Clinton is a repulsive person.  No, he’s not repulsive because he balanced the federal budget, reformed welfare, signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or repealed Glass-Steagall.  Bill Clinton is a bad person because he is the personification of rape culture and the living, successful embodiment of almost every harmful patriarchal structure we are taught to revolt against.  

Despite multiple rape and sexual assault accusations from different women, Bill Clinton has never been held responsible for his predatory behavior. Liberals and the media are somehow willing to anoint this conniving lecher while simultaneously eviscerating any no-name Midwestern Republican state representative, whose constituency is half-composed of corn stalks, because he can’t understand elementary biology (then again, I don’t even want to know Bill Clinton’s conception of biology).  Both individuals are problems, but only one was President of the United States. 

The worst part of all of this is that Bill Clinton’s sexual deviance has become a cultural meme of sorts. Content creators and manchildren on Buzzfeed and Reddit are one step away from having a picture of Bubbah diddling his housekeeper and slapping some big white comedic text over it next to a lolcat.  If the media treated every man like Bill Clinton, the piggish thugs in the viral catcalling video would be seen as the epitome of chivalry.  

Hillary Clinton’s public response to her husband’s behavior was to stick to the infamous Clinton playbook and declare all of the alleged sexual misconduct by her husband to be part of a “vast-right wing conspiracy.”  It’s impossible to prove whether Hillary knew she was telling a vile lie when she accused Republicans of planting women in Bill’s life to later accuse him of sexual harassment or assault, but I’m not giving her the benefit of the doubt. The great irony of Hillary’s comments is that if any family were to concoct such a heinous conspiracy, it would be the Clintons. 

A few months ago, a friend of Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, was implicated in a massive child sex scandal.  Information has come out that Bill spent quite some time with Mr. Epstein in his Florida mansion where the alleged sexual romps took place for years.  Considering that Bill Clinton couldn’t help himself from receiving a blowjob by a White House intern, I don’t think anyone expects that he controlled himself at the hedonistic playground that was Mr. Epstein’s Florida mansion.  Bill Clinton will get a pass on this, unfortunately, because apparently depraved sexual misconduct is acceptable only when you’re a Democrat and even more when you’re the last competent Democratic president in 60 years or when Hillary is the last chance the Democrats have to win in 2016.

Obviously, placing blame on Hillary for any of Bill’s indecent behavior over the past decades would be erroneous.  But asking questions about why she has remained with Bill all of this time isn’t inappropriate, considering she is expecting to become President of the United States.  If we are to adopt the suggestions by some feminist commentators like Zerlina Maxwell outlined in the Washington Post last December, that society must take all rape accusations as true, is it a stretch to say that Hillary has remained married to a rapist for nearly 40 years?  What if this were the case with a Republican woman? Moreover, would it be a stretch to ask what exactly Hillary’s commitments are to women’s rights when she can’t even denounce her own husband’s behavior and simultaneously allows the Clinton Foundation to accept millions of dollars from countries that can execute women for even filing a rape accusation?

These questions will have little bearing on whether Hillary is elected president or not.  Many progressives have accepted the fact that the Clintons seem to live on a lawless island in international waters where moral standards need not apply.  The most damaging feature of the Clinton legacy to the American political system, however, is the reality that if the average citizen committed or were even accused of a fraction of any of the Clintons’ misdeeds, his or her life would be completely ruined.

If multiple women accuse a professor or student of sexual assault on a college campus, the suspect becomes a social pariah and should be jailed.  If a business owner does not keep perfect records and instead willingly ignores laws and regulations and opts for a personal system while under subpoena, like Hillary did at the State Department, they are jailed.  If a group of individuals try to defraud creditors in a land deal, as was the case in the Whitewater scandal, they are jailed (well, everyone did go to jail in this example, except Bill and Hillary).  If employees die under your watch at a job and your only response is, “what difference does it make?” you can be held criminally negligent and jailed.  If you make an outrageous return speculating on cattle futures, you can get a knock on the door from the SEC and then have charges brought against you by the FBI and later be jailed.  

If a job applicant and her husband have been accused of a number of crimes throughout their lives, why would you hire them?