The Blue Wave: Midterm Elections in Perspective

In the buildup to the midterm elections, nothing garnered more attention than the much-ballyhooed “blue wave” being sold by many politicos. It was hard to tell whether they truly believed this prediction or it was a tactical move, a self-fulfilling prophecy, as if the more they talked it up, the more the masses would get on board and make it a reality. As human nature would lead us to expect after any competition that lacks a definite winner and loser, both sides rushed to claim victory. They also applauded the high voter turnout rate. Unfortunately, this phenomenon often has an effect opposite to the outcome they are trying to elicit -- overinterpreting the strength of one or the other party’s performance after the election will discourage turnout the next time.

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Disingenuous Political Agendas

As a woman, I am always heartened at the sight of seemingly heroic advocacy groups battling on behalf of women against injustice at the hands of unscrupulous men, whether in the world of business, Hollywood, or politics. Sadly, however, the reality that such valor has nothing to do with truth or standing up for women checks my initial optimism. Too often it is a cynical charade employed as a political tactic to promote one party and damage the other.

Before you dismiss me as a republican and a Trump supporter: I am neither. I am a registered Independent who did not vote for Trump. My views vary issue-to-issue -- some are more conservative and some are liberal. But hypocrisy and exploitation are intolerable, regardless of the perpetrator.

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Buying a Conscience

There is little doubt that the marketing team at Nike was giddy when they came up with the new advertising campaign, which would achieve two objectives with one ad.

Objective #1: Be controversial. Nothing generates buzz, the essence of advertising, quite like controversy. In the blink of an eye, they have garnered more exposure from the resulting news coverage than from actual ad placement. By that score, the marketers certainly earned their paychecks.  

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Everything's Free -- Ticket to Nowhere

Recently a story went viral about a couple who decided to leave the world behind and sail around the globe but sank while trying to leave the marina. The twenty-somethings decided they’d had enough of the rat race, quit their jobs as timeshare salesmen and Uber drivers, sold their possessions, and bought an old sailboat to pursue their dreams, telling reporters: “Money isn’t everything.” Haven’t we all had that fantasy?

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Tolerance on College Campuses

Tolerance is a frequent topic of conversation in today’s culture, particularly on our nation’s campuses. It seems that people bend over backwards to convince others, and perhaps themselves, of their own tolerance, taking pride and self-satisfaction in how accepting they are of members of a different race, gender, religion, sexual persuasion, or just about anything. I say “just about” because there is definitely one area where, for many people, there is zero tolerance – politics.

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Celebrity Hypocrisy

There are multiple underlying issues in the recent allegations of the ongoing Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal. The first aspect worth discussing is what an indescribably repulsive reptile this amoral predator is. It is impossible to imagine that his abuses continued for three decades without Hollywood bigwigs knowing of it, going along, and accepting the idea of his casting couch as part of doing business: "You want me to make you a world-famous, mega-millionaire movie star? What are you going to do for me, and why should I pick you over a million other gorgeous wannabes?"

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